Book Group Ideas/Journal Exercises

What are your favorite scenarios/characters and why? Who reminds you most of yourself? Are you more like Rob, a people-pleaser, or like Jennifer, confrontational and upfront.

What are the most helpful parts of the book and why? What parts of the book are the most memorable? Which parts do you share with other people?

Read over Decipher Your Child’s Messages on p. 89. Fill in the blank table at the end to help discover your own messages.

What spiritual messages are your child/children trying to deliver to you or your partner? How open are you to these messages and when are you hesitant to listen to these messages?

At what time of day or around which people does your child channel you? What helps you remain open to recognizing the channeling? What situations cause resistance in you?

Discuss times when you have observed your child or another child channeling? How can you help yourself or the channeling parent recognize what is going on so that the child can be released from the burden of feeling someone else’s feelings.

Think about instances when you may have channeled your own parent and how that affected you as a child.

What exercises do you find useful in the Appendix: 52 Grounding, Nurturing, and Fun Exercises to Do with Your Child?

Make an authenticity contract with someone in the group. Agree to discuss possible reasons for channeling when bothersome behaviors arise in your child. Remember gentle confrontation is required in most situations. Agree beforehand how much you want to be pushed to express yourself when channeling is occurring. Check in with each other periodically to see how comfortable you are with the process.

Life is so busy in this day and age, especially for parents. Take the time now to try out some of the calming techniques listed in Chapter 9 and determine which ones work best for you. Now make a list of stress management techniques for the short and long term. Agree to try at least 3 of the techniques the next time your child is channeling. Both the person channeling and the witness to the channeling can benefit from using calming techniques.