Channeling Questionnaire

Determine If Your Child Channels You (acts out your unexpressed feelings)

1. Do you find your child happily engaged and suddenly becoming mad about something?

2. Does your child bug you to take her somewhere over and over?

3. When your child becomes upset, is she completely unable to please no matter what?

4. Does your child fixate on or obsess about an object or idea?

5. Do your child’s problems echo what you may be experiencing?

6. Has your child ever blurted out words that uncannily resemble what you were thinking?

7. Does your child have a chronic medical condition?

8. Does your child have extremely disruptive behaviors at home, in school, or in public places?

9. Does your child have many accidents or get hurt easily?

10. Does your child repetitively push your boundaries?

11. Does your child act irrationally in response to minor problems?

12. Do you find your child focusing on unimportant details?

13. Is your child sensitive to the feeling of her clothing, such as how it fits or what kind of fabric it is?

14. Have you ever noticed your child suddenly become calm or have an unexpected rush of creative energy or productivity after you have expressed yourself?

15. Does your child frequently make an abrupt decision that she no longer likes one of her favorite activities or people?

16. Does your child abruptly focus on one object or one event that has been insignificant in her life?

17. Does your child have strong feelings toward someone she just met or does not know well?

18. Does your child remain fixated on a problem even after the issue has been resolved?

If you answered yes to 6 or more of the above questions, I would highly recommend exploring the channeling connection. Click here to learn more: