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Understanding Your Child as a Spiritual Gift available NOW!

Click HERE to buy a signed copy of the life-changing book, Understanding Your Child as a Spiritual Gift, which introduces a new parenting theory to explaining how our children express our unexpressed feelings* or click HERE to buy the book on Amazon.

Does your child or a child you know have numerous or sudden tantrums? My child did and now she is relieved of intense outbursts of tears and rage. Once we noticed a connection between my husband and her, she became a peaceful and calm child. When my husband would express his authentic feelings, she would transform from a raging child into a creative and compliant child. This is because a child often expresses a parent’s unexpressed feelings, a phenomenon I term “channeling.” Check out the Channeling Questionnaire on the home page if this sounds like your child or someone you know. Your child’s difficult moments are a message to you. Learn more about the process in my book, Understanding Your Child As A Spiritual Gift, by clicking here for a signed copy or click here to buy on Amazon Prime.

After reading this book, you will begin to recognize the signs when your child is starting to express your feelings for you and what to do in the moment and how to heal in the long term.

Remember nothing is ever created or destroyed. Therefore, unresolved emotional pain from a parent’s childhood does not dissolve by itself. It sits waiting to be declared, and a child is the ultimate vehicle of expression. In order to transform the energy into something positive, the pain must be brought to the surface, examined, embraced as experiences from which to learn and blossom.

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