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Natural Treatments for Cervical Dysplasia

On January 4, 2017, I received a phone call from the doctor that I had HPV 18 (the second worst HPV connected to cervical cancer) and CIN II (Moderate Squamous Dysplasia/HSIL) with Gland Duct Involvement.

She recommended the LEEP procedure which did not seem like the right approach—using a sizzling hot wire to burn off layers of my cervix. Thankfully I declined and have since learned that the LEEP can lead to permanent nerve pain, inability to orgasm and how LEEP creates scar tissue that may interfere with fertility and full cervical dilation for birth.

After one year of treatments on my own, my PAP was clear on 12/12/2017!

In the beginning I was scared and overwhelmed, yet not too surprised because at the time I had been writing a chapter entitled, Adversity as a Gift, about healing naturally from hyperemesis gravidarum (HG, a severe form of morning sickness). I knew I could heal this too, but was not sure where to start. I did a lot of Internet research and tried several treatments until I settled on the below treatments.

Since healing HG, bipolar II, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia naturally, I have learned that not every treatment works the same for everyone and there is a lot of trial, error and prayer, finally embracing disease as a conversation starter with the soul, leading me to shift my mindset and lifestyle while uncovering where I was losing power and how necessary it was necessary to find what my soul was screaming to do.

I kept having to remind myself of the chapter I wrote called, Letting Go of Perfectionism, and how letting go helped me overcome my hyperemesis gravidarum and would help me here with this challenge too. I used mantras, such as “Breathe In Faith and Breathe Out Doubt,” and “Breathe In Blessing, Breathe Out Judgment” when I was stuck.

After trying different treatments, I found some did not feel right or work that easily for me. I had to find that delicate balance where I was consistent with my treatments without berating myself if I missed a treatment.

The following information is what worked for me. I share it for enlightenment and entertainment purposes only, with no intention of giving medical advice. I share it in hopes to inspire people to find the treatment option that works the best for them. As

Vaginal Suppositories:

1-2 Vitamin A capsule (50,000 IU) every other day for two weeks

Next six weeks: one 400 mg Green Tea capsule twice a week. Yes, I spotted during this time and had some funky discharge, but was excited that I was healing something.


Vitamin C: I mixed filtered water with ½ -1 teaspoon vitamin C in a 4 ounce enema bottle from the drug store. I emptied the contents and reused it for 3-4 days. I had tried them initially in January, but I was using absorbic acid and my body did not like vitamin C until I switched to sodium absorbate. And honestly I was not too keen on the enema thing, but I have found them to be very healing. I tired to do one every day but ended up doing about every other day.


1 Green tea cap (400 mg) for 6 months

1 Multivitamin by Pure Encapsulations for 6 months

Vitalzym 4 caps twice a day for 3 months


I already ate mainly whole foods and mostly follow the Genotype diet. I was almost gluten free and decided to strictly go gluten free and eventually gave up dairy.

Emotional Healing:

I made a list of all the times I had been sexually abused or assaulted and about once a week would do EMDR or TAT to clear unhealed trauma.

Reevaluated my relationships that were taking power from me and redefined the relationships

Energy Healing:

My husband and I both did Vortex energy healing (somewhat similar to Reiki yet more powerful) on the HPV virus for me and him.


Tongue scraping every morning

Oiled my whole body daily

Continued my daily probiotics

I made my own turmeric capsules and took one a day. I filled a size 00 capsule with powdered turmeric (500+ mg).

Sent light to my cervix

Wore a charka necklace

Daily yoga poses for my first and second chakras

Self-hypnosis for 10 minutes or less a few times a week using the mantra, “My body is strong and energized.”

Oil pulled with coconut oil once a week

Ordered a plastic speculum and began looking at my own cervix.

If you want to learn EMDR or TAT, I can teach you both techniques in just two 30 minute sessions while you work on healing an issue.

Contact me at jen@spiritualgiftinstitute.com if you want to set up an appointment.

What Did Not Work for Me

I tried Dimacateous Earcth, IC3, Vitamin B, Super Antioxidant formula, and they all bothered my stomach so I stopped them.

Initially, I douched with goldenseal and comfrey but that was too hard to do because the water would just come pouring out even when I was upside down.

I also tried my own tea tree coconut, turmeric suppositories, but they burned too much.