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A Spiritual Story in Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift

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Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift!


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PRAISE for Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift:

“I was caught really off guard by debilitating morning sickness with my second pregnancy, and Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift was a significant resource for me as I struggled to try and balance raising my son and working during this time. Jennifer’s tips on natural remedies in combination with medication made it so I could continue to function (eating a protein heavy diet as she suggested really helped me). Further, this book helped me realize I was not alone in what felt like a very isolating experience. I will keep this book on hand as a resource for friends and myself in the future!” -Lisa, HG survivor & mother of 2

“This is an absolute must read for families touched by HG. Spiritually awakening and empowering, a journey that gathered vast knowledge, acceptance and healing on every level. This isn’t just a personal account of one mothers journey with HG, it’s a healing survival guide for the body, mind and soul for before, during and after.”-Emma, mother of 4 and doula

“True to form, Griffin ties together all the pieces of real life events, spiritual wisdom and insight into how we work physically and emotionally in this fascinating momento.”-Karen, mother of 2

“This is a useful book for all women! Whether you have experienced severe pregnancy sickness or not, Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift, can help you gain considerable insight into your own life that can lead to significant healing in many ways. In this engaging and personal story, the consistent theme that your emotional state manifests itself in your physical body can convince even those who have never suffered through HG that perfectionism, negative thoughts and unhealthy patterns of behavior may be affecting your quality of life right now.”-Susan, mother of 2

Hard to put down. Very  insightful. What a trooper!  Good resource for other women with HG.  I like how Griffin takes you deeper. This gave me  a better appreciation for how we can learn so much about ourselves from our hardships. There is so much growth that can come from our darkest times.”-Meredith, mother of 2

“This book has funny, honest, and relatable stories. No matter if you have had morning sickness or not, this book will inspire you to heal with whatever needs healing in your life. It is a must-have resource for helping yourself, sister, friend, or daughter.”-Suzanne, mother of 3

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