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Upcoming Fall of 2017:

Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift!

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Early reader feedback:

“I was caught really off guard by debilitating morning sickness with my second pregnancy, and Understanding Morning Sickness as a Gift was a significant resource for me as I struggled to try and balance raising my son and working during this time. Jennifer’s tips on natural remedies in combination with medication made it so I could continue to function (eating a protein heavy diet as she suggested really helped me). Further, this book helped me realize I was not alone in what felt like a very isolating experience. I will keep this book on hand as a resource for friends and myself in the future!” -Lisa, mother of 2

This is an absolute must read for families touched by HG. Spiritually awakening and empowering, a journey that gathered vast knowledge, acceptance and healing on every level. This isn’t just a personal account of one mothers journey with HG, it’s a healing survival guide for the body, mind and soul for before, during and after.”-Emma, mother of 4 and doula

True to form, Griffin ties together all the pieces of real life events, spiritual wisdom and insight into how we work physically and emotionally in this fascinating momento.”    -Karen, mother of 2

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